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Cosmetics for home care

Line of drugs for home care was developed in order to fix and prolong effect having been reached. “Dr. Yudina” Trademark covers entire spectrum of cosmetics for home care. When developing this cosmetic line we were taking into account gender and age specific features, skin types, and climatic conditions of the region. Innovative technologies of the World’s leading chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories were used when developing compositions of the cosmetics, and at that we were taking into consideration experience of working of dynasty of Yudins in the sphere of dermatology and cosmetology of many years. In line with classic moisturizing, nourishing, protective and healing drugs we represent state-of-the-art ones containing hydroxyacids, plant hormones, peptides and polyphenols.


Profi – line

Cosmetics for professionals

Some universal and multipurpose means for the working in the cosmetic room to allow rendering of the entire spectrum of cosmetic services joined professional cosmetic line of “Dr. Yudina” Trademark. These drugs were developed taking into consideration wishes and recommendations of dermatocosmetologists and bearing in mind experience of “Dr. Yudina” clinic of many years, and they contain the highest concentrations of active substances. High quality of all the cosmetics is approved by protocols issued by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have international names according to International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) as well as certificate of conformity to ISO 22716:2008 GMP standard in the sphere of manufacturing of cosmetics for the care of the body, face and hair.
Medical – line __________________________

Intensive care of problem skin
by the following lines

Our medical trading house proposes means for the intensive care of problem skin. Acne vulgaris, oily seborrhea, seborrhea dermatitis, rosacea and demodecosis are problems frequently met by cosmetologists when practicing. Cosmetics of Dr. Yudina Trademark were developed by dermatologists and pharmacists bearing in mind pathogenetic mechanisms of development and complexity of treatment of the patients belonging to this group, and these are by essence not cosmetics but healing media. Active influence of the means is due to maximum content of active components. Cosmoceutic drugs of this series were approved by dermatologists.


Our team declare that we set up, verify and review the quality and action goal of company and each department, and always challenge new process to achieve quality policy.


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